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6 Indispensable Tips That Will Improve Your Writing

Posted by Alex Alexander • April 18, 2016

Everyone can use help writing


So you want to be a writer. Good for you. Great writers are able to tell a story in an eloquent manner that holds the attention of the reader, by always keeping the story moving at a fast pace with something new always happening. Writing isn’t an easy task, it takes a lot of hard work and discipline. But it’s well worth the effort when your readers tell you how much they enjoy your finished product.


Writing may even seem like an overwhelming task, however, there are some time tested things you can do which will greatly improve your ability to write amazing content.


Read the works of great writers

This is a very important place to start. It may seem obvious, however, it’s so important that I have to make sure it’s understood. If you haven’t read great writing, you won’t ever know how to write great content. Read as much as possible and pay close attention to the style and form as well as the content.


Write, then write some more

Write as much as possible. Write every day, even multiple times a day. The more you write, the better you’ll get (think practice makes perfect). Like any other skill, you need to keep practicing and honing your writing skills. Write articles for you a blog, write for other publications or write just for fun, but write every chance


Constantly jot down ideas

Keep a notebook, index cards or anything else handy at all times so you can write down ideas for stories, articles, characters or any other ideas that come to mind throughout your day. Write down phrases, sayings, etc when you hear them and think they may work well for the project you’re working on, or even for future content.


Make time to write

Set aside time and an area, every day to write without interruptions, and make it your regular routine. Maybe late at night, when the kids are asleep and you have the house to yourself, works better for you. Whatever the case may be you need to make sure that you create a regular routine and stick to it.


Lose the distractions

You can’t write and multi-task at the same time. You also can’t concentrate if there’s a lot of background noise distracting you. When you’re writing, you need to be distraction free, to produce your best work. Close your email program, turn off your texting app and turn the TV off. Lose everything that has the potential to break your concentration so you can work without interruptions.



Even though you want your content to be as good as the greats in literature doesn’t mean you need to be exactly like them. Try your own style. Put your own mark on your work. You can borrow specific styles from several different writers, add your own style to the mix and create a one of a kind style that is unique and all your own. Experiment with everything and discover what works for you.


Thank you very much for your interest in my blog, I hope you enjoy it. Please check back often for more interesting, educational and entertaining articles on the paranormal. I will also use this blog to update my valued and loyal fans on news, appearances, book giveaways and information about my books.


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