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The Ghosts That Haunt England

Posted by Alex Alexander • December 13, 2015

Ghost tower


England is one of the most impressive countries in the world. It is steeped in history, tradition and yes, ghosts. You wouldn’t expect anything less from a country that has made such a lasting impression on the history of the world.

England has more than enough castles, towers and ancient structures to house its ghosts comfortably. For instance the 900-year-old Tower of London is said to contain numerous ghost. Tower officials claim that the Queen’s House is one of the most haunted locations of them all.

Among the spirits to haunt the Queen’s House is that of Arabella Stuart, the cousin of King James I. Arabella was unfortunate enough to marry against the king’s wishes and was sent to the tower for her punishment. According to the claims, she is still serving out her sentence.

It is even said there is a phantom bear who haunts one section of the Tower of London, which is called Martin Tower. It is said that a guard who saw the phantom bear dropped dead from shock.

Belief is that ghosts only appear in areas that have known either great happiness or great sadness, and the haunted castles of Great Britain have definitely seen numerous times of both.

Are ghosts real?
The age old question still holds true today. Are ghosts real? When considering this question you can’t ignore the numerous sightings by people who have nothing to gain by claiming they’ve seen ghosts. Many of these people have proven to be honest, reliable and not out for public attention.

So how do we explain these supernatural phenomenons? Probably the most believable theory is that, rather than the dead walking among the living, is the theory that “ghosts” are just very strong emotions that have somehow become so engrained on their surroundings that they leave their mark for perceptive people to see. These people are much more attuned to these spirits than the rest of us, so they witness them much easier than the rest of us.

This could be why ghosts only appear to specific people. You may have a whole group of people together when a haunting occurs, and only one of them witnesses the ghost.

Royal ghosts
Obviously, in a country whose history includes thousands of years of rule by royalty, royal sceptres are very prominent in England.

For example, the Queens of Henry VIII seem to be some very restless spirits. Jane Seymour, the mother of Henry VIII’s only son Edward, is said to carry a lighted candle through Silver Stick Gallery in Hampton Court. There are also claims that Catherine Howard, who was beheaded for adultery in 1542, has been seen and heard, screaming for mercy from the king, in the Haunted Gallery of Hampton Court.

On Midsummer Eve, it is said that King Arthur supposedly leads a troop of mounted knights down the slopes of Cadbury Hill in Somerset, the legendary site of Camelot.

However, stories like these must be expected from a country so historic and, as a result, a country that has seen so many different events take place, both joyous and mournful.

If, infact, the theory is true that ghosts are nothing more than very strong emotions that have left their mark on humanity, then where else would you expect to find so many of them?


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