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What is a writer’s mission nowadays?

Posted by Alex Alexander • November 08, 2015

Ghost novels author mission

Books are most often divided into fiction and non-fiction. I would like to focus on fiction, since non-fiction is pretty much self-explanatory – the writers share their knowledge and experience so that others might find it useful. Sometimes the writer may go beyond their own personal experience, activating their imagination to the fullest. Even here, everything isn’t so simple. First of all, the writer may wish to simply entertain the reader, or to share some thoughts that the reader may deem important. Maybe even to change the reader’s views, make them think or relate to certain phenomena differently. Or to describe the age in which they live or one they had studied from other people’s books or memories, or archives.
I must admit that my aim here it as narrow as it gets: to entertain, entertain, and entertain some more. A good book should pull the reader in and never let go. “Just one more page… And another one… Time for bed? Five more minutes won’t hurt…” This is my goal. In addition, this genre has got its own rules. I’m grateful to other authors whose books I’ve read, and to my story coach for explaining to me the main rules and techniques of the genre.
Am I successful? That’s for the readers to decide. So far, the positive reviews on Amazon (thankfully, those are in the majority :) have been pointing out precisely that element of my first book. And that makes me feel good.
On that note, I promise to keep trying to entertain :)


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