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The most popular French tourist attraction outside of Paris

Posted by Alex Alexander • October 11, 2015

Mont Saint Michel, thanks to
Mont Saint Michel, thanks to

This year my family and I traveled throughout several of France’s regions. This country is the top traveling destination in the world. And, naturally, Paris is the most popular city. But few people know about the second most popular tourist spot. Turns out it’s Mont Saint-Michel, in the northwest of Normandy, right on the border with Brittany. It truly is an extraordinary place -a massive abbey built on a mighty, solitary bluff. Washed by a mix of sand and water perpetually ebbing and rising, the surface has become perfectly even and mirror-smooth. Hence, sometimes the bluff is an island, other times a peninsula. Thinking about my future books, you can’t tell me that a place like this doesn’t have ghosts of its own. Even if they’re hiding in the furthest, most desolate tower of the island…
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