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Book two is finished! Ghosts again!

Posted by Alex Alexander • September 26, 2015

Ghost adventure book
I’m thrilled to announce that I have finished my second book! It is written in a similar style and genre to Ghost on the Lake, though the characters are all new. My third book, however, will be a sequel to the first. And maybe, just maybe, the heroes of all my books will meet in book four. I don’t know, I haven’t decided yet. It would be interesting to hear what my readers think.
I did make the two protagonists related. Just in case 😉
The working title is The Ghosts of Burgundy. But I’m still considering other, better titles. In part out of SEO considerations.
Last year we were vacationing in France, sailing the Burgundy Canal on a so-called penichette – a type of barge retrofitted as a floating hotel. Unlike the first book, several of the characters are actually based on real prototypes I had encountered on that trip. In the case of Patrick – one of the book’s key characters – he and his life story were practically entirely copied from a real person, only his name was changed. The medieval castle serving as the setting for some of the events is likewise real. As is the story of Katherine who had been executed in Paris. Additionally, as I was researching the local legends online, I ended up liking one of them so much that I’ve integrated it into the story.
There are spirits in this book, too, but they’re different from Ghost on the Lake. They have a different behavior, different goals. The story of a man who feels he is the reason people close to him start perishing was also borrowed from something I’ve observed in real life.
The initial feedback from my readers has made me optimistic!
Still, there is a lot of work ahead… Like I said in a previous post, it’s all been a roller-coaster ride of editors, synopses, marketing materials, covers, and so on. The book may be finished, but really we’re just getting started!


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