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6 Indispensable Tips That Will Improve Your Writing

Posted by Alex Alexander • April 18, 2016

  So you want to be a writer. Good for you. Great writers are able to tell a story in an eloquent manner that holds the attention of the reader, Read More


How do Great Writers Come up with Brilliant Ideas?

Posted by Alex Alexander • April 11, 2016

  As a writer, I’m sure you have struggled with how to come up with a great idea for a story. You aren’t alone, it happens to all of us. Read More

Valuable Help Writing Your First Book

Posted by Alex Alexander • March 22, 2016

  Beginning any book is a daunting endeavor when it’s your first book the task is even more difficult. You start with a great idea for a book. A wonderful Read More

How to Write a Great Beginning For Your Story

Posted by Alex Alexander • February 16, 2016

  Being able to write a great beginning for your story is crucial, especially for fiction writers, because if the first chapter of your book doesn’t grab the attention of Read More

Writing a Book: Helpful Tips From Acclaimed Author Alex Alexander

Posted by Alex Alexander • February 09, 2016

  It’s true that all of the famous authors became famous for a reason. They were very talented, creative and imaginative, with an ability to think up an interesting and Read More

Overcoming the Fear of Judgement as a Writer

Posted by Alex Alexander • January 21, 2016

  You write a couple of sentences and then delete them just as fast. They were horrible. No one will ever want to read this garbage. Why do I even Read More

How to Become a Better Writer

Posted by Alex Alexander • December 28, 2015

  I could’ve easily titled this article, “How to Become a Great Writer”, however, being a great writer isn’t really relevant. And, you know, as well as I do, you Read More