Not Every Man Will Go to Extremes to Free Himself
From the Darkness Hiding Inside Him.
But This One Will.

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Romance, the supernatural and corruption collide with epic force.


It’s more than most men could ever bear.


Living under the strain of a dark family curse—not knowing whether it’s real or not. But seeing far too much evidence that it is.


The Burgundy Ghosts centers on John, the only son of an affluent English family who is on his way to Harvard.


The family sets off on what should be a lovely summer vacation lounging on a high-end penichette as it moseys its way along the Burgundy Canal.


On the tranquil journey John meets and falls for a young, charming French beauty named, Cristelle.


She’s everything he’s ever dreamed of. The sight of her makes John’s heart race, and his every thought bristles with youthful passion for her.


But then things go terribly wrong.

A buried family curse comes to life

Not long before feeling the euphoria of meeting Cristelle, John experiences the gut-wrenching loss of losing his great grandmother as she dies in his arms.


Just before passing to the other side, she warns John of a wretched curse that has haunted his family for several generations.


For this generation, it is John who will bear the burden
and suffer the consequences of this curse.

He tries to brush this revelation off as meaningless old folklore. But it can’t escape John’s mind.


It haunts his every waking moment.


The curse collides with ancient mystery

While on vacation with his family, and with his heart racing with feelings for, Cristelle…the family curse buried within John suddenly collides with a supernatural force emanating from a nearby medieval castle.


In an instant, John’s life is turned upside down and overtaken by horror.


An ancient spirt named, Katherine, appears in the sky above the castle and terrifies onlookers as she declares her intention to destroy those responsible for her demise.


Panic quickly descends on other families vacationing near John on adjoining peichettes. Tunnels and stone bridges that lead away from the area become death traps for those who try to escape.


The entire area is paralyzed by the wicked grip of Katherine
as she looms large above the ancient castle.

John soon finds himself swept into the middle of this madness as he learns his curse has ancient ties to the castle’s chilling mystery.


The resulting chaos shatters lives and leaves a trail of death, intrigue and deception in its wake.


Will John and Cristelle’s love survive?


What is really behind this paranormal collision?


What are the motives that drive the shadowy figures who’ve been drawn into
the eye of this ancient phenomena?


Will the curse buried in John ultimately lead to his undoing?


The twists and turns will keep you on edge and challenge your instincts.


Your awareness of how the paranormal intertwines with reality will be forever altered.

The Ghost of Burgundy - Book Cover

The Burgundy Ghosts
By Alex Alexander

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About the Author

Alex Alexander is author of the book, Ghost on the Lake, an experienced physicist, and an engineer with an extensive international background. Having worked in numerous countries, his exposure to scientific and cultural diversity provides a rich source of insight for his series of supernatural thrillers that deftly blend science, spirituality, passion and suspense.