The Ghost Series

Book One: Ghost on the Lake

Mike and Laura are soulmates who are deeply in love. As students at the University of Chicago, they dream of spending the rest of their lives together. Until one day their dream is suddenly shattered.


While swimming in a lake near home, Mike mysteriously vanishes. Family and friends believe he has drowned. By Laura isn’t convinced. She believes other shadowy forces are at work.


Lost in another dimension, Mike now faces the terror of knowing the only way back to his life is to overcome the darkest of evils…


…And the sinister deception of someone he thought he could trust.


Laura is joined in her search for the truth by Ron, an old friend from Mike’s past. But Laura and Ron quickly become embroiled in an international plot to control a secret substance that gives people the power to leave their bodies and visit other dimensions.


Has Mike’s soul become a pawn in this vicious worldwide plot that will change life as we know it?


Can he escape the clutches of unearthly evil and return to his life? Or will he be betrayed and banished to darkness by the ultimate deception?


The answers will stun you. What you think you know will only fool you.

And your perception of life, love and death will never be the same.

The Burgundy Ghosts

Romance, the supernatural and corruption collide with epic force

It’s more than most men could ever bear. Living under the strain of a dark family curse—not knowing whether it’s real or not. But seeing far too much evidence that it is.

The Burgundy Ghosts centers on John, the only son of an affluent English family who is on his way to Harvard. The family sets off on what should be a lovely summer vacation lounging on a high-end penichette as it moseys its way along the Burgundy Canal.

On the tranquil journey John meets and falls for a French beauty named, Cristelle—but then things go terribly wrong. A curse buried within John that has long haunted his family collides with a supernatural force emanating from a mysterious medieval castle.

The resulting chaos shatters lives and leaves a trail of death, intrigue and deception in its wake. Will John and Cristelle’s love survive? What is really behind this paranormal collision?

What are the motives that drive the shadowy figures who’ve been swept into the eye of this ancient phenomena? Will the curse buried in John ultimately lead to his undoing?