Ghost on the Lake is a supernatural mystery where nothing is as it seems

Imagine dying very suddenly. Only to realize you may still be alive, but far away from your body.

Ghost on the Lake - Book Cover

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Then imagine the horror of knowing the only way back to your life and all that you love is to overcome sinister deception and the darkest of evils.


If reconnecting with everything you’ve ever cared for depended on it, could you do it?


Even if everyone who believed in you believed you are dead?


Who can you really trust in this life?

As students at the University of Chicago, Mike and Laura are the closest of soulmates, preparing to spend their lives together. Until unthinkable tragedy strikes.While swimming in a small lake by his parent’s home near Lake Michigan, Mike mysteriously vanishes.


It is presumed he’s drowned. But his body is never found. Laura isn’t ready to accept that Mike is gone. Something tells her other forces are at play. She’s joined in her quest for the truth by Ron, a close friend from Mike’s past.


However, Ron has a mystery deep within him and an agenda he guards like a secret.


Fighting back from another dimension

Ghosts in Pere Lachaise

While friends and family assume he is dead, Mike struggles in a ghostly dimension fraught with evil and supernatural powers.


Traversing the world in spirit form, he learns that ancient tribesmen and shady underworld figures may hold the key to his fate—and his ability to return to his life.


While doing all he can to evade the clutches of evil, Mike learns of a secret substance that gives people the power to leave their bodies and explore supernatural boundaries beyond Earth.


The struggle for control of this substance may forever change the world, and determine Mike’s fate.


Mike realizes he is a pawn in an international game that will rock the world.
And his only choice is to fight for his soul from outside his body.

The ultimate struggle for body and soul

A Woman, A Ghost, and Glasses of Wine

As Laura and Ron continue their journey to find Mike, Laura enlists the help of her brother, Jeff—a special forces operative in the U.S. military.


But we soon learn that Jeff has a past with those who may hold Mike’s fate in their hands.


Now it’s a race against time that pits earthly and supernatural forces against the greed of those who seek to harness a secret substance that may change the course of human history.


It’s believed that love conquers all, and good overcomes evil. But when no one can tell who is good and who is evil—there’s no way of knowing who’ll win.


Can Mike escape the clutches of greed and darkness and return to life as he knew it?


Or will he become a victim of betrayal and the ultimate deception?


The story will shock you. The answers will not be what you think.


And your perception of life, love and death will never be the same.



*Book cover and illustrations by Natalie Ratkovski

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Just when you think you’ve figured things out…you’ll be spun into a new direction by events that defy everything you thought you knew about science and what’s physically possible in this world.


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