Author Alex AlexanderAlex Alexander is an experienced physicist and engineer with an extensive international background. Having worked in numerous countries, his exposure to scientific and cultural diversity provides a rich source of insight for, Ghost on the Lake, a supernatural thriller that deftly blends science, spirituality, passion and suspense.


Author Alex Alexander’s professional and personal experiences came together in a highly unique fashion to fuel the writing of, Ghost on the Lake. After graduating from college with a degree in Experimental Particle Physics, he began his global travels as he shuttled between various European countries.


His professional and academic experience during this time included working in particle accelerator complex.


After getting his PhD, Alex was recruited by a leading management consulting firm. At the conclusion of his consulting career, Alex accepted and continues to hold a top management position at a large industrial company.


Trigger Events


While vacationing one summer with his wife and children in Europe, Alex Alexander and his wife had a life-changing encounter with a “spirit presence” that occupied the home in which they were staying.


This made an indelible impression on Alex, as did a conversation his wife had with a Buddhist Lama—who told her of a well-known Lama from the 1920’s who reportedly had the ability to leave his body and come back.


These fascinating mystical experiences combined with Alex’s extensive scientific background, provide a compelling juxtaposition that serves as the inspiration for his enthralling novel, Ghost on the Lake.


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